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medical bloggingThe latest trend in on and off-line communications is guest starring. Everywhere we look, from TV to magazines to websites, it's become popular to be a guest on a colleague’s site. Doctor Oz and Suze Orman were some of the first and best known guests appearing on Oprah’s extremely popular TV show. And after just a few short years, these experts now have their own super popular television programs, websites and various marketing venues.

What can your medical practice learn from these famous celebrities? It’s a really great idea to get your message out there via someone else's established website or similar medical marketing arena. I’m sure you’ve heard the cliché many, many times "content is king." The best content in the world won’t really matter if you’re not in the right spot to begin with. Blogging placement is a lot like the real estate industry’s mantra "location, location, location."

Why is location such a big deal in the world of blogging? "Can't I just throw my posts up anywhere, I mean everyone is constantly searching on-line for things to read, eventually someone will stumble upon my blog…" No, no and no. This is a recipe for disaster. Because only 20 percent or so of your medical marketing should be through blogs, relying on a "build it and they will come" mentality is a waste of your time.

Strategic partnerships with other websites or other bloggers can help you produce great content and give you a great location to place your content. Depending on which side of this partnership you’re on, you can also gain valuable content through their website.

Strategic medical marketing-based partnerships can take a lot of different forms. Guest posting is the most obvious because it's a one-time commitment. Your practice won’t need to build a long-term, complex relationship with the other site and as such aren’t tied down.

A really important point to be made is with regards to the actual content of your blog posts. Too many guest post submissions that are received are little more than self-promotion of the guest poster, chock full of external links to their own blog or website with little actual value to their readers.

The most intelligent way to be a guest poster is to make sure the content you are offering is relevant to your readers. To make this style of medical marketing pay off for YOU is to generate enough interest in your content to make your guest readers really want to continue reading posts from you.

Know the Material Where You're Posting

Make sure that you actually know and are pretty familiar with the content of the site or blog where you’ll be guest posting. You must have at the very least, a basic elementary level of knowledge about the site and its purpose. You should spend a little bit of time actually reading other posts, getting a feel for the tone and style of posts. You don’t need to copy the blogger's tone but it’s a good idea to know if the blogger is radically different from you and your practice’s personality.  Look at the other posts for hints on what other readers like and don’t like. Comments from readers are invaluable. Those are the best marketing insights because they are honest and yes, free.

As is common place with any type of communication worth its weight in salt, put yourself in your reader’s shoes. What would most impress you in a guest poster? Now go do that!

Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials