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medical practice marketingSometimes we underestimate the value of a good plan. A well-designed medical marketing plan can help you clearly identify who you want to inform about your practice, what you want to divulge to them, why they need to know this information, when you want them to know about changes, and most importantly, how you want to tell them. It’s a written instruction book of sorts for informing and promoting your private practice or hospital.

It sounds simple, which is probably why many people approach it with minimal seriousness. Some practices completely forget about the nuts and bolts of a solid medical marketing program.

The Significance of a Good Communications Plan

A communications plan helps you clearly identify who you want to inform about your practice. This could be something small such as your general menu of services, or more elaborate such as a particular procedure distinctive to your office, a health warning or even a new medicine to consider.


You will most definitely want to make sure you know exactly what you want to say, why they need to know what you're discussing, when you want them to know, and how you want to tell them. A well thought out plan helps identify questions you may otherwise forget to ask.

Questions such as:

  • "Is there a demographic we're forgetting to approach?"
  • "Are there people or groups who shouldn't be contacted?"
  • "Are there people or groups who should be communicated with earlier than others?"
  • "Are there other methods of communication we can use besides the obvious ones?"
  • "Are there upcoming events we can take advantage of?"

Without the guidance of a good communications plan we may forget to ask such questions.

The Value of a Good Plan

There is a direct connection between perception, understanding and communications. A good medical-based marketing plan helps keep your message(s) on track, on target and on point. The complexity of your communications program can help influence how your patients absorb the value of what you are trying to communicate. And if they perceive good value, they are more likely to trust your practice and your staff.

A well-developed marketing plan can deliver several benefits:

1. Constructing long-lasting relationships with your patients

2. Building credibility

3. Minimizing possible confusion about a wide-range of issues.

A few tips to use as you begin developing your medical marketing plan: Do a little research beforehand so that you have a basic idea of where to start. The Internet is flush with a lot of good ideas or even templates to get you started.

Prepare Your Plan Early On

I recommend doing a quick draft of your marketing plan as part of your budgetary analysis. This permits your team to earmark any funds you may need to help with your marketing before you've either run out of money or promised too much too soon. Preparation as with any medical procedure, will guarantee a successful outcome.

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Client Testimonials