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medical reputation managementIn today's technology-driven world, the bigger, louder, brighter and more aggressive company wins. But what do they really win? Is having 1,000 or 10,000 "likes" on your Facebook page or 20,000 followers on Twitter a real indicator of the success of your practice's Internet marketing plan? Most likely the answer is no if you go back to the old adage, quality over quantity.

Most physicians would then ask in a frustrated tone: "Well then, what do I do? How do I shine in an oversaturated online world?"

Don't panic, help is out there and it isn't nearly as difficult as it all might seem. The first step is to make sure your Internet marketing plan and your medical website design firm has your best interest at heart. If your support system isn't aware of your goals, then they will never get there, no matter how positive and gung ho you might be.

Do your own homework. Gather a little insider information on your competitors, your allies and your future business partners. Head towards building your reputation amongst your peers and neighbors first then once you have a solid reputation in place, only then can you put in the effort needed to take on the larger physician practices and even smaller hospitals.

Find your voice and maintain that focus. Decide who you are as a physician and as a solo practice. What image do you want to show the world? What message do you want to send to your patients and competitors? Make sure you know who you want to be online before spending valuable time and resources on an unstable or constantly changing reputation. Only Lady Gaga can truly get away with being a chameleon.

Be honest about how much time you are willing to dedicate to your medical SEO plans. It doesn't always take a village to build your business, but it does take effort and commitment. To go big and stay big will take some work. Technology is great, but it doesn't always bring instantaneous results.

Decide on your style of communication. Will you spend all your efforts maintaining your website? Will you spend time tweeting frequently? Will you engage a ghost writer to be your voice or will you attempt to build a marketing plan utilizing a bit of all the options out there? It's easier and more efficient to build on your SEO program than it is to downgrade and deconstruct it. Taking a few weeks or a few months even to develop a genuine marketing package is your best bet in the end. You'll feel more confident about your online reputation and will be freer to expand and build your offline reputation.

In the end, the best advice a solo medical practice can receive is to always be honest. Be your true, authentic self and never use technology to create and grow a personality that isn't yours. Your patients will follow a doctor they can trust, online and off.

Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials